Clean up resources specific to Security lab

You may clean up resoruces created during this Security module to eliminate costs going forward.

(1) Clean up/Delete Resources created using Cloud Formation in the Security module’s Prerequisites section:

a) Select SecretsManagerMongoDBRotation Cloud Formation stack that AWS Secrets Manager used to creat the Lambda password rotation function. Select Delete and Delete stack on the popup window. Sec Cleanup

The resources will be deleted in a few minutes.

(2) Clean up/Delete Resources for the Encrypting Data Using Your Own key lab:

To proceed with deletion, go to the Amazon DocumentDB console, check the box next to the Primary BYOK cluster instance, and select Delete from the Actions menu.
BYOK Delete Cluster

Select No, check the cluster deletion box, and enter delete entire cluster. Click the Delete button.
BYOK Delete Cluster

Your BYOK Amazon DocumentDB cluster will be deleted in a few minutes.

Proceed to the KMS console. Check the box next to the DocumentDB-MasterKey and select Delete key material BYOK Delete Cluster BYOK Delete Cluster Next, select your CMK again and select Schedule key deletion BYOK Delete Cluster Change the waiting period to the minimum 7 days and select Schedule deletion. BYOK Delete Cluster

The resources will be deleted in a few minutes (your BYOK key is scheduled to be deleted in 7 days).