Deploy CFN Migration Module Only

Migration Module (2.1.3) Migrate from MongoDB to DocumentDB using Database Migration Service (DMS)

If you have not completed Introduction Module perform the following steps, if you have completed it you should perform Deploy CFN after Introduction Module step and proceed to Connect to your Source and Target :

(1) Copy the following CloudFormation template link:

(2) Go to Cloudformation console Create stack (CloudFormation -> Stacks -> Create stack) createstack

(3) Paste the CloudFormation template link link and click Next. next1

(4) Fill the parameters. b_stackdetails1

(4.1) Stack name: migrate-docdb

(4.2) Setup IAM roles for DMS -> DeployRoles: true * Set it to true, unless you are using your own account and/or have already used DMS, then set to false

(4.3) DocDB configuration -> DeployDocDB: true * this will create a DocumentDB Cluster, as you started on Migration Module, you don’t have any yet, so set it to true.

(4.4) DocDB configuration -> DocDBPassword: this will be set to you to Tim3t0change unless you change it now.

(5) Select ec2-key pair, use ee-default-keypair for Event Engine, choose other for your Own account, if you don’t have one, you need to create a keypair for this Region

Then click Next

(5.1) Do not change the parameters on Other parameters


(6) Scroll down configure

(7) Click Next next2

(8) Scroll Down to Review review1

(9) Acknowledge IAM creation and CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND buttons then click Create stack ack

(10) Wait until the migrate-docdb shows CREATE_COMPLETE it will take up to 15 minutes completed2

(11) Proceed to topic, Connect to your Source and Target