Deploy CFN after Introduction Module

Migration Module (2.1.2) - Migrate from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB using Database Migration Service (DMS)

If you have completed Introduction Module before, perform the following steps here, otherwise go to Deploy CFN Migration Module Only:

(1) Copy the following CloudFormation template link:

(2) Go to Cloudformation console CloudFormation -> Stacks -> Create stack createstack

(3) Paste the Amazon S3 template URL link and click Next. next1

(4) Fill the parameters.

(4.1) Stack name: migrate-docdb

(4.2) Setup IAM roles for DMS -> DeployRoles: true * If you are using your own account and/or have already used DMS set to false, otherwise set to true


(5) Select the following parameters:

Use the VPC parameters you have created in Introduction Module as following:

(5.1) SubnetAz1: (

(5.2) SubnetAz2: (

(5.3) SubnetAz3: (

(5.4) VPCID: (

(5.5) ec2-key pair: ee-default-keypair for Event Engine. Choose other for your Own account, if you don’t have one in the region you are using, you need to create a keypair for this Region

(5.6) SecurityGroupDoc: docDb-Inbound (sg-)

Then click Next


(6) Scroll down configure

(7) Click Next next2

(8) Scroll Down to Review review2

(9) Acknowledge IAM creation and CAPABILITY_AUTO_EXPAND buttons then click Create stack ack

(10) Wait until the migrate-docdb shows CREATE_COMPLETE completed

(11) Allow access from Database Migration Service (DMS) replication instance and Lambda functions to your DocumentDB Cluster

(11.1) Go to DocumentDB Console docdb

(11.2) Click on your cluster to open it.

(11.3) Scroll down to find your Cluster security group. docdb2

(11.4) Click on the Security group clicksg

(11.5) Click on the Inbound Rule to add a rule that allow access from the Database Migration Service (DMS) replication instance and Lambda applications inbound

(11.6) Edit Inbound rules to allow access to your Cluster edit

(11.7) Add a rule to allow MigLab-MongoDB-Access Security Group to access the TCP port 27017

  • Add rule

  • Custom TCP

  • Port Range 27017

  • Type MigLab-MongoDB-Access in the text box for Custom

  • Select the correspondent Security Group

  • Save rules