Account Setup

Migration Module (2.1) - Migrate from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB using Database Migration Service (DMS)

If you are running this Module in an AWS Workshop please ask AWS facilitator to indicate which setup you will perform.

The following options are available to run this workshop Module:

I - In an AWS event using Event Engine, if this is your case, go to Using AWS Event Engine and skip the rest of this page.

II - By using your own account. You will incur costs for infrastructure components launched in this lab.

  • Make sure you are using an AWS Region where Amazon DocumentDB service is available. You can check on AWS Region Table.
  • Examples for available regions are the bold ones in the list like N.Virginia, Ohio, Oregon and others: regions
  • Create an EC2 key pair if don’t have one yet for the Region you are working on. Create a keypair for this Region

Now proceed to the CloudFormation deployment for Migration using one of the following options: