Configure Target Endpoint

Migration Module (2.3.2) - Migrate from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB using Database Migration Service (DMS)

In this section you will create a DocumentDB target endpoint.

You can learn more about AWS DMS support for Amazon DocumentDB as a target database by consulting the documentation: Using Amazon DocumentDB as a target for AWS Database Migration Service You can use AWS DMS to migrate to an Amazon DocumentDB target from any of the source data engines that AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) supports.

In the previous section you created a source endpoint connection to the MongoDB source. Following similar steps, you’ll create a target endpoint connection to your Amazon DocumentDB cluster destination.

(1) Select Endpoints from the DMS Dashboard


(2) Select Create endpoint

Fill in the values below:

  • Endpoint type: Target endpoint
  • Endpoint identifier: docdbtarget
  • Target engine, select: Amazon DocumentDB
  • Access to endpoint database: Provide access information manually


(3) Retrieve your cluster endpoint by opening a new browser tab to your Amazon DocumentDB Cluster page, clicking on the Cluster identifier link that has the Regional cluster Role, then select the Configuration tab and copy the Cluster endpoint:


Amazon DocumentDB requires a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate for secure connections using TLS; AWS DMS will require this certificate to create a secure connection.

(4) Download a CA Certificate at this link and save it to your local laptop/desktop:

Return to the DMS Target endpoint browser tab and enter your DocumentDB cluster’s endpoint in the Server name field.

(5) Configure the AWS DMS Target Endpoint Parameters:

  • Server name: < you cluster endpoint >
  • Port: 27017
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) mode: verify-full
  • CA certificate: Select ca-certificate downloaded in the previous step and click Import certificate button. addca
  • Certificate identifier: ca-certificate
  • User name: labuser or the custom username if you chose one
  • Password: (enter the password you set, or Tim3t0change is the default if your DocumentDB cluster was created via Cloudformation in this Migration module)
  • Database name: labdb


(6) Expand Test endpoint connection and select:

  • VPC: vpc-<hash>-Labs-VPC or vpc-<hash>-MigLabdb-VPC
  • Replication instance: dmsfordocumentdb-<yourhash>

(7) Select Run test


(8) When the Run test status returns successful then select create the endpoint.


(9) Check the endpoints created.


In the next step you will import Metadata and Indexes