Configure Source Endpoint

Migration Module (2.3.1) - Migrate from MongoDB to Amazon DocumentDB using Database Migration Service (DMS)

You can learn more about AWS DMS support for MongoDB as a source database by consulting the documentation, AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) supports MongoDB

The first step of the migration process is to create connections to your MongoDB source database and the Amazon DocumentDB cluster destination. Once these are created, they will be added to the AWS DMS replication instance to begin the migration.

(1) To create the MongoDB source endpoint, click “Create endpoint”.


Use these values for your configuration:

  • Select: Source endpoint
  • Endpoint identifier: mongodbsource
  • Descriptive Amazon Resource Name (ARN) - optional: leave blank
  • Source engine, select: MongoDB
  • Access to endpoint database: Provide access information manually


We will need the IP address of your EC2 instance running your MongoDB source database. In another tab, access the EC2 console and find the Private IP address of the MongoDBInstance: EC2 Console

(2) Copy the Private IP address from MongoDBInstance.


(3) Use the Private IP address and the other values provided below:

  • Server name: < the private ip of the EC2 MongoDB instance>
  • Port: 27017
  • Authentication mode: password
  • User name: dmsuser
  • Password: 202xDoc
  • Authentication source: admin
  • Database name: labdb


(4) Open the Test endpoint connection section:

  • VPC: vpc-<hash>-Labs-VPC or vpc-<hash>-MigLabdb-VPC
  • Replication instance: dmsfordocumentd-hash

(5) Select: Run test


(6) When the Run test status returns successful then select create the endpoint.


(7) Click on your source endpoint after creation.


(8) Go to the Schemas tab and click on the refresh icon located within the Schemas panel. NOTE–There are two refresh icons on this page, be sure to click the one in the Schemas panel:


Your replication instance should be selected, click Refresh schemas. refresh2

Use the Refresh icon in outer box to refresh until you see labdb schema–this may take 1-2 min. This indicates that the labdb database in MongoDB, was found. labdb

You have finished configuring the MongoDB source endpoint. Please proceed to the next section to configure the DocumentDB target endpoint in DMS.