Performing Scale Operations

  1. Navigate to Amazon Document DB console and locate your cluster using the cluster identifier demo-documentdb. Check the box for the cluster identifier with the Role Regional Cluster.

  2. Select Add instances from the Actions menu as shown below: Amazon DocumentDB Console Select

  3. In the Add Instances window enter following :

    Choose Instance class as db.t3.medium to add the first replica.

    Choose Add additional instance and Instance class as db.t3.medium to add the second replica.

    You can optionally select a Promotion Tier to define a failover preference. Choose Create to create both of the replica instances.

    Amazon DocumentDB Console Create Instances

You will now see the two new Replica instances in creating status. In a few minutes, the new instances will be available to provide additional capacity to the cluster.

Amazon DocumentDB Console Scaled Instances

  1. Navigate to AWS Cloud9 management console and run the following command at the DocumentDB prompt to review the cluster status. If you are no longer connected to DocumentDB cluster, you will need to re-connect using an earlier step: Connecting to Amazon Document DB Cluster


    When both Replica instances become available, the output should look similar to below indicating that the cluster has 1 writer and 2 Secondary nodes.

    Amazon DocumentDB rs status

Congratulations! You have successfully scaled the cluster. In the next lab you will delete this cluster.