Create Amazon DocumentDB Cluster

Creating a Amazon DocumentDB Cluster

Navigate to the Amazon DocumentDB console.

Amazon DocumentDB Console Home

Specify the following information to create the cluster:

  • Cluster Identifier: demo-documentdb
  • Instance class: choose db.t3.medium
  • Number of Instances: choose 1 (you will start with 1 instance and scale out to 2 more instances in the scale out lab). Note: Single node cluster is not recommended for running production workloads.
  • Master username: labuser
  • Master password: Tim3t0change

Save these credentials as you’ll be using them to connect to the DocumentDB cluster from your AWS Cloud9 environment.

Amazon DocumentDB Console Create Default

Toggle Show advanced settings and specify the following network settings:

  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC): labs-VPC
  • Subnet group: Leave the default lab-vpc-subnet-group selected.
  • VPC security groups: choose docDb-Inbound (VPC) and remove the existing default (VPC) security group

Amazon DocumentDB Console Create Network Settings

Note: If you are provisioning a cluster for the first time, you may not have a Cluster parameter group to choose yet and the dropdown in the screenshot above will be empty. Amazon DocumentDB will automatically create it upon cluster creation.

Scroll down and choose Create Cluster. Your Amazon DocumentDB cluster will be available in a few minutes.

Amazon DocumentDB Console Created

Congratulations! You have successfully created an Amazon DocumentDB cluster. Proceed to the next section to start working with DocumentDB.