Monitoring Amazon DocumentDB Global Clusters

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) integrates with Amazon CloudWatch so that you can gather and analyze operational metrics for your primary and secondary clusters. You can monitor these metrics using the CloudWatch console, the Amazon DocumentDB console, the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or the CloudWatch API.

In addition to the existing CloudWatch metrics, profiler logs, audit logs, use the following Amazon CloudWatch metrics to monitor global clusters.

Verify that you are using the intended primary AWS region to monitor the GlobalClusterReplicationLag metric. Since you are going to be working in two different AWS regions in the subsequent steps, make sure you are always working in the correct region.

  • GlobalClusterReplicationLag

    The amount of lag, in milliseconds, when replicating change events from the primary cluster’s AWS region to a secondary cluster’s AWS region Amazon CloudWatch GlobalClusterReplicationLag metric

Verify that you are using the intended secondary AWS region to monitor the below metrics.

  • GlobalClusterReplicatedWriteIO

    The average number of billed write I/O operations replicated from the cluster volume in the primary AWS Region to the cluster volume in a secondary AWS Region, reported at 5-minute intervals. The number of replicated ReplicatedWriteIOs to each secondary region is the same as the number of in-region VolumeWriteIOPs performed by the primary region. Amazon CloudWatch GlobalClusterReplicatedWriteIO metric

  • GlobalClusterDataTransferBytes

    The amount of data transferred from the primary cluster’s AWS region to a secondary cluster’s AWS Region, measure in bytes. Amazon CloudWatch GlobalClusterDataTransferBytes metric