Create an Amazon DocumentDB global cluster

To set up your global cluster, complete the following steps:

Note: The global cluster must have a primary cluster in one region and secondary clusters in different regions. You can select any region supported by Amazon DocumentDB, with a few exceptions, for creating your secondary cluster. If you are running this lab as part of a formal workshop using Event Engine the default primary region is US East (Ohio).

  1. Select primary region where you have DocumentDB cluster already created.
  2. On the Amazon DocumentDB console, choose Clusters.
  3. Select your Regional cluster.
  4. On the Actions menu, choose Add Region. Add Region
  5. One the next screen, choose a secondary region

    Note: If using AWS Event Engine only US East (N. Virginia) is allowed as secondary region

    Select Region
  6. Enter an identifier for the global cluster and the cluster in the secondary region. Identifier
  7. Choose an instance class and number of instances. Select Instances
  8. Click “Show advanced settings” that opens up network settings and select VPC as labs-VPC, Subnet Group as labs-vpc-subnet-group and VPC Security group as docDB-Inbound Select Instances
  9. Leave rest of the settings as default and click Create Cluster at the bottom of the screen.

Note: If you disabled encryption for the primary cluster, the secondary clusters will not be encrypted.

The regional cluster is now upgraded to a global cluster and the data is automatically replicated from the primary cluster to the secondary cluster(s). Upgraded Global Cluster