Amazon DocumentDB Global Clusters

Prerequisites : This lab requires Prerequisites to be completed before you can continue. Please continue if you have already completed that.

A global cluster consists of one primary region that accepts writes and up to five read-only secondary AWS regions. The application sends write operations to the cluster in the primary region and Amazon DocumentDB automatically replicates the data to the clusters in secondary regions. This replication is physical and is offloaded to the storage layer, and hence the latency is typically under one second.

Global clusters provides disaster recovery from region-wide outages and enables low-latency global reads allowing reads from the nearest Amazon DocumentDB cluster.

Global Cluster

In this lab you will learn how to create Amazon DocumentDB Global Clusters to run globally distributed applications. You will perform the following steps

  • Adding an AWS Region to an Amazon DocumentDB global cluster

  • Connecting to an Amazon DocumentDB global cluster

  • Failover a cluster in Amazon DocumentDB global clusters

  • Monitor an Amazon DocumentDB Global Cluster